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Expert Consultancy for Smoother Operations

We’ve been masters in the field of commercial aircraft component sales, component repair, component management, component recovery and component storage for over 10 years. We love to share our expertise with others in the industry through our comprehensive consultancy services. AerMaven Limited offers a diverse range and scope of consultancy services that will readily fit your requirements.

Benefits of AerMaven Limited Consultancy

Having completed EPA / PMA part assessment consultation can save on unnecessary costs and help you better address supply chain fluctuations. Weighing the pros and cons of EPA/PMA vs OEM parts can be complicated before you add regulatory hurdles. Similarly, DER and Part21 repairs can also raise multiple questions, which are often too time consuming for CAMO and/or engineering teams to deal with.

AerMaven can streamline the process, completing a full assessment of these parts and reporting on cost, condition and quality along with a reliability review, all on a standardized report with suppliers engineering backup for easy consumption.

Better management of part recovery and replacement practices has clear benefits, including a better utilization of your assets, more cost-effective operations, and a more sustainable business model with fewer delays.


What Our Customers Say

Alex Eales

Senior Vice President Sales, Avtrade Limited

"From the first contact we had with CRS (AerMaven) the whole team have been exceptional in terms of support and response time, helping resolve any questions or orders as quickly and efficiently as possible."

Dave Godson

Technical Services Engineer – Structures,

"Component Recovery Solutions (AerMaven) acted promptly offering a cost effective solution for winglet replacement, ensuring the parts were supplied in the required mod state on budget and on time."

Fergus Woods

Head of APU Services, Dublin Aerospace

"CRS (AerMaven) always comes up with a solution for the hard to find product."

Martin Kearns

Owner, IMT Aviation Limited

"CRS (AerMaven) has continually been able to assist in reducing the costs of spares replacement, helping us reduce our costs to our customers."

Tony Craven

Purchasing and Logistics Control Manager, easyJet

"I have used CRS (AerMaven) over the years for a number of reasons e.g sourcing hard to find flying surfaces and components as part of our yearly uplift, the repair and overhaul of ship set of our Weber AI1000 seats and storage of our slow moving oversize parts to name but a few. I have always found them professional in their attitude and happy to work to try to find cheaper solutions for our airline and would have no hesitation in recommending their services."



Whether you’re seeking top-notch component sales, efficient airframe teardown, or meticulous consignment management, we’ve got you covered.

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